Orlando Teen Leadership Academy

Conference Location:

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Holiday Inn Resort Orlando – Lake Buena Vista
407-239-4500 Main |407-387-7712 Direct       
13351 State Road 535 Orlando, FL 32821


Room Rates and Information:

Holiday Inn Resort Orlando – Lake Buena Vista

$159.00 + Tax

Booking Instructions: 

1 (866) 808-8833 or visiting the following link Book On-Line Here

Please use code CYL to ensure you receive the special room rate.

Reservations for the group rate must be made prior to 3/22/2019.
Rates are only valid from 04/25-04/27.

The goal of the NSLDC Teen Leadership Academy is to help students become stronger leaders in their schools, and organizations, empowering them to create a more accepting, equitable environment and preparing them to work effectively in a diverse workplace. To this end, experiential workshops and discussions will focus on the following four crucial areas for learning which are high lighted below.

Raise Awareness

  • For youth to build awareness of and ability to explore aspects of own identity, culture, etc.
  • Students will gain self-awareness about their own biases, fears, and comfort levels.
  • For teenagers to build awareness of the “diverse” dimensions of diversity, including ability, age, ethnicity,  gender identity, geographic origin, national origin, race,  religion /spiritual traditions,  sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class.
  • For students to build awareness of inequity of privileges.
  • For students to have an appreciation of the ways in which they are different from each other and similar to each other.
  • For students to have empathy and concern about the impact of social injustice.

Increase Knowledge

  • For teenagers to understand that a true leader values and empowers all the members of the group.
  • For youth to have understanding the levels of prejudice and how earlier levels pave the way for even more damaging levels.
  • Students will learn more about the history of diversity in America.
  • Learn more about global diversity issues –e.g. genocides that have occurred within their lifetimes and are still occurring, as well as in the past.
  • Increase their knowledge base about each of the dimensions of diversity.
  • Youth will understand the essential vocabulary related to diversity.

Develop Skills

  • Students will communicate effectively, both verbally and non-verbally
  • Youth will develop the skills of inclusive leadership, valuing and involving all members of the group for their unique contributions
  • Youth will invite others to open up and share their stories through an attitude of respectful interest and curiosity, using open-ended questions
  • Respond to statements or acts of bias in a way that invites dialogue rather than debate or arguments
  • Teenagers will stand up and speak out for their own rights and for the rights of others

Plan for Social Action

  • Students will take a leadership role in service projects and other programs that serve the cause of social justice
  • Youth will increase their interactions with people different from themselves
  • Youth will work effectively with diverse groups
  • Teenagers will actively try to impact those who are within their spheres of influence regarding issues of bias, discrimination, and social justice
  • Students will make  a positive difference on their schools and in their communities


Conference Pricing
Note! The earlier your school registers, the more affordable the conference becomes. Your school can register today and submit names later in the year. Also for schools who register more than 10 registrants, registration for a chaperone is FREE.

All registrations must be received or post-marked before the dates below. LOCK RATES IN TODAY!!

Super Early Bird
November 1, 2018
Early Bird
February 15, 2019
April 19, 2019
Last Chance
1-6 People
(Per Person)
$295.00 $325.00 $355.00 $385.00
7-14 People
(Per Person)
$285.00 $315.00 $345.00 $375.00
14+ People
(Per Person)
$275.00 $305.00 $335.00 $365.00
What’s included in my registration?
  • Admission to all workshops, roundtables, and presentations
  • Extensive handouts
  • Lunch for the day (Not Breakfast)
  • An NSLDC T-shirt for each delegate from
  • NSLDC binder, notepad, pen
  • Discounts on selected nearby restaurants if you show your NSLDC
  • Excellent personal service and attention from the NSLDC

Conference Schedule
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