LaShatá Grayson

LaShatá Grayson

LaShatá Marie Grayson is a passionate advocate driven by a singular purpose: guiding multifaceted individuals towards their most exceptional selves. Whether through the realm of physical fitness, the art of self-reflection, or the nurturing of inclusive communities, LaShatá’s impact knows no bounds. She is a beacon of inspiration, an influential leader and a sought-after speaker whose resonance is most profound among leaders.LaShatá is an accomplished Educational Consultant and the founder for Carrying The Weight, an educational wellness firm dedicated to ensuring the holistic well-being of leaders.

LaShatá shines as a learning development strategist and a catalyst for profound cultural transformation. With over a decade of experience spanning the spectrum from primary education to the hallowed halls of academia, LaShatá has honed her expertise in leadership development, tirelessly advocating for diversity and inclusion at middle management echelons, and fostering climates of positive change.

Since 2017, LaShatá has been unwavering in her dedication to empowering leaders to unlock their true potential and challenging the very systems of oppression that seek to confine them. Her captivating speeches and consulting services have touched the lives of over 10,000 individuals annually, transcending boundaries across universities, nonprofits, and the corporate realm.

LaShatá’s relentless commitment to championing underrepresented students and confronting systemic inequalities within education has earned her numerous accolades. She stands tall as the recipient of the prestigious Excellence in Advocacy Award and the Community Involvement Award from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Additionally, her exceptional contributions were acknowledged with the Dawn M. Rhodes Community Engagement Award from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

At the core of LaShatá’s work lies an unwavering dedication to serving Black students and managers. Her mission is rooted in the firm belief that every individual, irrespective of their background, deserves the opportunity to not only survive but thrive and flourish. LaShatá Marie Grayson is not merely a speaker but a beacon of hope and empowerment, illuminating a path towards a more inclusive and enlightened world.