Yes there are workshops and small group discussions specifically for advisors.

Yes. You are welcome register for any conference location that we offer.

The earlier a college or university registers, the more affordable the conference becomes. Your school can register today and submit names later in the year. Also for the National Convention schools who register more than 7 registrants, registration for a campus advisor is FREE. Blah Blah.

All NSLDC speakers and presenters have been dedicated to the issues of Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice for their entire professional lives. Our presenters are professional speakers, college professors, researchers, and practitioners.

The conference is open to all students who aspire to be agents of positive social change on their campuses, including students who are involved in Student Government, Campus Culture Club/Organizations, Student Activity Boards, Greek Organizations or Multicultural Clubs. It will be most effective to put together and send a team of student leaders from your campus, so that they experience the conference together, develop an action plan together, and bring that action plan to fruition when they return to your campus.