Sample Conference Schedule

Sample Conference Schedule
*Schedule is Subject to Change*

Day 1 – Friday


Welcome & Keynote Session

Keynote Speaker: Jane Elliott

Day 2 – Saturday 


Session Block I 

Session A – Room: Suite 440
Workshop Title: Juntos Avanzamos: Building a Purpose-Driven Latinx Community
Presenter: Dr. Esther Zeledón and Dr. Paul Rivera
Description: This engaging and interactive workshop provides a transformative exploration into the synergy of purpose, individuality, and collective strength within the Latinx community. This workshop underscores the necessity to harmonize personal aspirations with communal vision in fostering a purpose-driven community. Counteracting the individualistic American Dream, we advocate for a purpose-driven model that builds collective action and power within the Latinx community from the strength of individual aspirations. This process involves cultivating a shared Mission, Vision, and Purpose (MVP) that respects individuality and nurtures communal growth. Tailored to university settings but applicable to any personal and professional spheres, participants will learn to build networks beyond immediate circles and establish an empowering, diverse community of champions. The importance of uplifting each other’s success and recognizing the contributions of all community members is emphasized. Participants will leave equipped with practical strategies to nurture purpose-driven networks that bolster individual growth and communal resilience. Harnessing the power of the collective, we invite participants into the journey of creating a true, supportive, and purposeful Latinx community.

Session B – Room: Suite 340
Workshop Title: Equipping Bias Interrupters: Tools for Uncomfortable but Necessary Change
Presenter: Jarrod Benjamin
Description: Welcome to “Equipping Bias Interrupters: Tools for Uncomfortable but Necessary Change,” an impactful and transformative Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) program designed for college students and advisors. This program empowers student leaders and advisors with the knowledge and skills to interrupt bias, challenge discriminatory behaviors, and foster a campus environment that embraces diversity and inclusivity. Through this engaging workshop, interactive discussion, and practical exercises, participants will learn to be effective agents of change who dismantle biases and drive positive transformation.

Session C – Room: Suite 346
Workshop Title: Developing a Social Justice Open Education Resource
Presenters: Cailyn Green, Ph.D., CASAC-M, Bernadet DeJonge, Ph.D., CRC and Lynette Nickleberry Stewart, PhD
Description: This presentation will focus on teaching student leaders about Open Educational Resources (OER’s). The presenters will discuss what an OER is, how they are developed, where to find them, and how to advocate for their use in higher education from the student perspective. This presentation will be framed through the experience of the presenters of developing an OER in social justice and diversity as a part of developing a human services course which meets the new SUNY general education requirement for diversity. The presenters will review the stages of development of the course, including accessing funding for development and working with students from underrepresented populations to distribute power in the curriculum development process. Challenges and barriers to the process will also be discussed. It is expected that attendees leave this session with ideas on how to seek out and advocate for OER use in higher education.


Session Block II 
10:45am – 12:00PM

Session A – Room: Suite 440
Workshop Title: Identity Compass
Presenter: Ayannah Johnson, M.A. Ed
Description: Stories are powerful. Sharing stories is foundational to the building of community. In this workshop, participants will experience an illuminating approach to communicating with each other about the multiple aspects of identity, while being listened to with compassion and respect. Not only will the participants learn about each other’s diverse backgrounds and experiences, but they will also have the opportunity to build relationships based on universal feelings and their common humanity. This activity will be the foundation for the conference experience, which focuses on the many identities that we all may or may not have in common.

Session B – Room: Suite 340
Workshop Title: Roe vs. Wade: More than two ways to cross a river
Presenter: Jeanette Liberty and William Parent
Description: The workshop will include two presenters explaining the different viewpoints on the abortion debate including humorous assessments of the political, historical, and public policy considerations.

Session C – Room: Suite 346
Workshop Title: Building Bridges: Strategies for Embracing Differences and Fostering Dialogue on Campus
Presenter: Parish Jefferson
Description: Discover the power of unity in diversity! Join our interactive session, “Building Bridges,” designed for undergraduate students and higher education professionals. Learn essential skills to foster dialogue, active listening, and empathy, creating an inclusive campus culture. Embrace diversity and turn differences into strengths. Gain confidence in handling challenging conversations and promoting respect. Let’s transform our campus community together. Be a catalyst for positive change—don’t miss this transformative opportunity! Join us for “Building Bridges” and celebrate the richness of our diverse perspectives.


Session Block III 

Session A – Room: Suite 440
Workshop Title: I’m Not Sorry! – Ending our Unhealthy Relationship With I’m Sorry
Presenter: Ayannah Johnson, M.A. Ed
Description: We often say some variation of “sorry” for trivial and unnecessary reasons. This can undermine our efficacy as leaders, advocates, and activists. The overuse and misuse of “sorry” can also result in minimizing others’ confidence in our ideas and abilities. Often, those in positions of privilege are less likely to apologize, even when it is appropriate. In this session, we will explore the appropriate use of the words and how to evaluate when to truly apologize. It is not about changing who you are rather it is about being intentional in how you show up.

Session B – Room: Suite 340
Workshop Title: Identity-Based Leadership: Empowering Student Leadership and Success
Presenter: Fred P Banny
Description: Unlock your leadership potential with our transformative workshop. Learn the art of identity-based decision-making to align your choices with your values and vision. Led by Fred P. Banny, this workshop empowers emerging student leaders to make meaningful strides towards success. Discover practical strategies for personal growth, effective communication, and confident decision-making. Through interactive sessions and mentorship, you’ll gain the tools to become an authentic and influential leader. Join us to harness your unique identity and embark on a journey towards inspiring leadership and academic achievement. Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your leadership journey

Session C – Room: Suite 346
Workshop Title: Blackballed Lecture on Campus Racism
Presenters: Lawrence Ross
Description: The Blackballed Campus Racism lecture is one of the most popular college lectures in the country. Frank and blunt, while also entertaining and educational, the Blackballed lecture always engages the students, administrators, and faculty, as they see the various issues with race and racism on college campuses nationwide.

Closing Workshop 

Workshop Title: Campus Action Plan
Presenters: NSLDC Conference Team
Description: In the culminating activity of NSLDC 2023, students and advisors will meet in breakout rooms with their respective campus groups, select the first campus issue they plan to address and brainstorm action steps to begin to implement their plan. Campus groups will present their action plans to each other to permit sharing of ideas across campuses.